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DENH: Dental Hygiene

Resources for Dental Hygiene Research

NLM: Citation Guide

The NLM citation style was created by the National Library of Medicine.  The recommended resource for this style is Citing Medicine: the NLM Style guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers (2nd ed. 2007).  This resource is only available electronically.  Please click on the link listed below. 

Guides to NLM Citations

The Dental Hygiene Department has created a guide to using and formatting reference citations using the National Library of Medicine (NLM) style.  Click on the link people to open the document.

The DH instructors recommend that you use APA formatting for the paper

1. Font size: 12 

2. Font: Times New Roman

3. Margins: 1 inch margins on all four sides

4. Spacing: Double spaced

5. Page numbers: centered on the bottom

6. Reference page:

  • Last page of the paper

  • References should be centered at the top of the page



When writing a research paper, you must give credit where credit is due. 


  • slightly reword or paraphrase materials
  • include statistics or findings from a survey or study
  • incorporate facts, ideas or opinions that are not common knowledge


In DENH courses never quote material verbatim in your papers

There is not a rule of thumb of how many references you should have in your paper, but every time you take information from a source you need to cite it.

Also, you can use multiple references for the same sentence, see below.