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CULA: Culinary Arts: Books & E-Books

This guide will help you find information about cooking as a profession (including molecular gastronomy and food safety), and restaurant management.

Finding Electronic Books in the NCC Library Catalog (SpartaCat)

SpartaCat, the NCC Library Catalog, is an online tool that allows you to search for items owned by the Library, including electronic books. Search the NCC Library Catalog here or access it from the "Quick Links" section of the Library's website.


Basic Searching in SpartaCat

Words or phrase: If you are looking for a general topic (like "global warming"), it is best to start here. It will search the title, summary, table of contents, and subject headings for each book to find any that match your word or phrase.

Author: If you are looking for books written by a specific person, search here. For example, if you want to find books by Edgar Allan Poe, enter his name like this: Poe, Edgar Allan.

Title: If you know the specific title of a work, enter it here. For example, if you want a copy of the book On the Road, enter that title in this search box. 

Subject: Search the subject headings list. These are like #hashtags. They are the main word or phrase used to categorize the book and describe what it is about.


Finding Electronic Books (Available Online)

After you choose the type of search and enter your search terms (keywords), scroll a little bit further down the screen and change type to "Electronic Book" by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Then click the "Search" button.

In the list of search results, electronic books will be tagged with the words Electronic Resource and their location will be Online.


Accessing Electronic Books

To view an electronic book from the search results page, click on the link labeled URL.

This URL link also appears on the e-book's Item Details (or summary) page.


Clicking this link will open the e-book in a new screen. You may be prompted to log in with your MyNCC user name and password before you can begin reading the book.